Delivery & Installation

Merseyside Sheds include delivery and installation within the price of your new garden building and applies to the following postcode areas: *L, *CH1-2 and 41-66, *WA1-12, *WN5-6 and 8, *PR9-8 and selected PR4 addresses.

Our Current Lead Times are:
Fencing: 1 week
Garden Sheds: 2 week
Log Cabins: 8/10 weeks

All deliveries are made during the working week.

It is important to ensure there is clear and unrestricted access from our vehicle to the base upon the garden building is to be installed upon at the time of delivery. When ordering a building 8×8 or larger it is imperative to ensure you have 8ft height clearance from where our vehicle can park to the base upon installation, failure to provide sufficient height clearance will result in your building being delivered only and should we be required to revisit to install your building, a fee will be charged.

Base Laying Service

All buildings require a solid and level base prior to the arrival of our delivery team. The base should measure the same size, or larger than the building you have ordered. An external contractor can be arranged to lay a flag base suitable for the shed to be installed upon. Prices are in addition to your building price, and payment is made directly to the contractor. You must ensure that the area is reasonably level prior to the arrival of the contractor. The removal of grass and prior sub levelling of the ground is not included within the price. Flags used in this service are second hand.
Payment for the base laying service is to be made directly to the contractor on completion of the works, that usually take place 1-5 days prior to the arrival of your new building.

Size Price Size Price
4×4 £75 8×8/10×6 £130
6×4 £90 10×8 £165
7×5 £100 12×8 £215
8×6 £115 14×8 £270