Traditional Corner Summerhouse


The modern and elegant corner summerhouse has been designed to maximise space. Fitted with fully glazed double doors and full length windows, this building will be a perfect addition to any garden.

Prices for your Corner Summerhouse include delivery and fitting.


Cladding Upgrade

Upgrade your cladding to our Premier Pressure Treated 16mm Shiplap Tongue and Groove, further enhancing the appearance of your summerhouse and providing guaranteed years of protection against rot and decay.

Security Options

A choice of extras to improve the security on your building.

Access * 

It is important to ensure there is clear and unrestricted access from our vehicle to the base upon the garden building is to be installed upon at the time of delivery. When ordering a building 8×8 or larger it is imperative to ensure you have 8ft height clearance from where our vehicle can park to the base upon installation. If not, call our sales office on 0151 9225282 before placing your order.

Base * 

It is essential that a Firm and Level base be in place before installation can take place – failure to provide this, will result in the installation being aborted with a re-visit charge being required to be paid by the customer should another appointment have to be made for installation to commence. Please confirm below that you have (or will have) a solid and level base prior to delivery and installation.
Please note: Bases should measure at least the same size as the building you are ordering.

SKU: Corner Summerhouse


The Corner Summerhouse is a stunning building that will add a touch of modern elegance to any outdoor space. The full pane doors and windows provide a panoramic view of your garden, complete with 3mm toughened glazing for a bright, beautiful and secure summerhouse.

Manufactured from superior quality materials and finished with attractive antique accessories, the building will be a much-loved feature of your garden for years to come. The summerhouse is perfect for sunny days, with full length windows allowing maximum light to shine into the spacious interior.

While the Corner Summerhouse is ideal for summer, the heavy duty mineral roofing felt that is supplied as standard provides weatherproof protection in all seasons. Heavy duty 28x44mm rounded four corner framing gives the summerhouse strength and sturdiness, and the 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding is attractive as well as secure. The full pane windows, double doors and pent roof make this building a modern beauty to be admired from all angles, and the corner design is perfect for making the most of available garden space.

You can also upgrade your Corner Summerhouse to feature our 16mm Premier Pressure Treated Shiplap Tongue and Groove Cladding.


Buildings slope from front to back. Buildings are approx. 6ft at the back with the average front being approx. 6′ 6″
All sizes quoted are ROOF and not FLOOR sizes.
For approximate dimensions of your chosen building, please ask for details.

For full details, please see our Terms & Conditions.


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Free delivery is offered to the following postcode prefixes: *L, *PR, *CH, *WN and *WA1-12 on all garden buildings.

If your postcode is not listed but are interested in finding out about the availability and / or price of a delivery of one of our garden sheds or summerhouses to your home please contact our sales office on 0151 922 5282 for information.