Tanalised Bicycle / Tool Store


Made using our 16mm pressure treated shiplap tongue and groove cladding, the Tanalised Bicycle Tool Store is built to last. Treated to guarantee years of protection against rot and decay, this solid and secure storage solution is perfect for gardening tools, bicycles and much more!

Prices include delivery and fitting.


Base * 

It is essential that a Firm and Level base be in place before installation can take place – failure to provide this, will result in the installation being aborted with a re-visit charge being required to be paid by the customer should another appointment have to be made for installation to commence.

Security Options

A choice of extras to improve the security on your building.

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A perfect storage solution for gardening tools and beloved bicycles, the bicycle/tool storage building features excellent access with double doors (4ft wide access) and reduced height to avoid being too intrusive; built to stand the test of time with a high grade 16mm pressure treated shiplap tongue and groove cladding, built on strong 44x28mm rounded framing, the tanalised bicycle tool store is the perfect choice.


What to expect from your Tanalised Bicycle/Tool Store from Merseyside Shed:

✓High grade 16mm Pressure Treated Shiplap Tongue and Groove cladding – Be aware of much thinner cladding or cladding that is not tongue and groove that will not be as solid as your Merseyside Shed!

✓Smooth 44×28 framing rounded in all four corners providing a stunning finish inside your shed – Be aware of rough sawn, unfinished framing that can provide a substandard finish to your building.

✓Full tongue and groove roof and floor boards adding further to the strength and integrity of your Merseyside Shed – Be aware of garden buildings that feature OSB / Plyboarding in roofs and floors that compromise your building.

✓A complete delivery and installation service, including the application of roof covering which is always a high quality heavy duty green mineral polyester roofing felt that will provide protection from the elements – Be aware of pricing that has this as an added extra

Buildings slope from front to back. Buildings are approx. 4ft 7inches at the back with the front height approx. 5ft.
All sizes quoted are ROOF and not FLOOR sizes.
For approximate dimensions of your chosen building, please ask for details.

For full details, please see our Terms & Conditions.

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